Babson Farms Operator Appreciation Event

March 1, 2018

On March 1, 2018, Babson Farms was please to recognize five farm families that have been affiliated and worked in partnership with Babson from fifty to over seventy years.

Over 35 persons attended the event. Two to Four generations from the Barshinger, Foster, Frost, Metzger, and Reid families were represented. All but one of the principle operators were present. The most senior member of the group was Lorenz Metzger, who turned 95 on March 27, 2018. The newest member of the attendees was Brett Metzger, Lorenz’s grandson, who joined their operation within the last couple years.

It is ironic the recognition occurred on March 1st. March 1 is the traditional start of the farming lease year. To many tenant farmers this was(is) a day of change; moving from one farm to another, retirement, or starting a new endeavor. We at Babson feel fortunate to work with these families over the years as this has provided stability to the operations. This feeling is also shared by the operating families. Even though our lease agreements are year to year, the Farm Company has provided a sense of security with the operators so that longer term improvements can be made on both sides to the benefit of landowner and operator. Again, it was a memorable day for all involved. There was certainly much gratitude to the Babson Family from the operators and their families.

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January 2018

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